Teide 3718m (Tenerife, Canary Islands) from Sea to Summit

Teide 3718m (Tenerife, Canary Islands) from Sea to Summit. Another nice and cool activity that I want to share with you, the Teide (3718m) climb direct from the sea level.
I tried to do this "Sea to Summit" ascent last week, but due to very strong winds I had to turn back 150m below the summit.
A good reason to get back to Tenerife
The route here:

Chamonix Uphills Records & KOMs

The last 2 years I have amused myself trying to improve my personal best times in all the uphills climbs of the Chamonix valley.
- Montée de Plan Praz (via la piste des Nants): www.strava.com/segments/22208537
- Montée de Plan Praz (par la fôret, à gauche): 
- Montée du Plan de l'Aiguille (via le Grands Bois): 
- Montée du Plan de l'Aiguille (via le Près du Rocher):
- Montée du Montenvers / Mer de Glace: 

Dent Blanche (4357m), 11 Aug 2019

Another great day in the mountains. This time, with my friend "jurassien" Jeremy Buache, we climbed the Dent Blanche (4357m) on the Valais Swiss Alps.
We climbed it via the normal way, the South ridge.
On the 1st day we walked from the Évoléne valley to the Dent Blanche cabane/refuge 3507m. It was quite a walk.... 3h!!! 
On the 2nd day, we left the hut at 4am. We wanted to climb all the easy part of the route while it was dark, and get to the most technical part (the climb of the Gendarmes, there are 4 of them) when the sun was rising.
We got to the summit a bit before 7am. We had an amazing sunrise and some great panoramic views of all the Alps!

Mezzalama 2019, Italy, 29 Apr 2019

Mezzalama 2019 !!!!
Thanks Carron Scrimgeour for this "cadeau empoisonné" :) Next time you ask me to replace you in a race, I'll check the weather forecast first :D :D :D !!!
An amazing race but in horrible and hard weather conditions (very windy & very cold)... 
Thanks to my team mates, Ben Bradford and Jonathan Bracey, for this unforgettable journey (40km and 4000m D+) between Cervinia and Gressoney!
Congratulations to all the participants and finishers!

Grand Massif Assaut, Flaine, 9 Mar 2019

Ten years have passed since the last time i've used my "orange" super sexy combinaison de Ski Alpinisme :D (it was on Pierra Menta 2009 with Guillaume Garnier).
But one thing is sure: after today's result, this Combinaison will become my "fetish" SkiMo racing suit :D :D :D
Merci Alexandre Aubert pour cette agréable matinée! Difficile qui a les fesses les plus belles dans notre combi "sexy" ;)

Aiguilles Rouges Traverse, 26 Feb 2019

For 4 years that I had this project in my mind. Today, thanks to Pierre Maillet (the grand "chef") it was possible to accomplish it.
The Aiguilles Rouges traverse from Les Houches to Le Buet.
A long day in the Chamonix beautiful mountains in such a good company ;) !!!
Pierre Maillet nous avons mérité la bière !!!!



Cycling Col Mottarone Climb (Lago Maggiore - Italy), 25 Jul 2017

Col Mottarone Climb (Lago Maggiore - Italy): Cycling/Velo
Name: Col de Mottarone or Mottarone Climb
Altitude: 1455m
Start: Stresa
Length: 20,10km
Altitude Gain: 1252m
% Average: 6,23%
% Maximum: 10,8%
Area: Lago Maggiore, Piemonte, Alpes Pennines, Italie
If you are on holidays on the area of the Lago Maggiore in Italy, there a couple of climbs that you must do for sure.

Mont Blanc direct from my home front door, 20 Jul 2016

Mont Blanc direct from my home front door, 20 Jul 2016.
This was a project that I had in mind since 2013, when me and my family, we moved to live down in Passy (Le Fayet).
The route is quite simple:
Start: Le Fayet
End: Mont Blanc
D+: 4200m
This is probably the biggest and continuous uphill in the world. You climb 4200m straight up with not a single meter downhill.
If you are a person that loves mountaineering and like going uphill, you must do this route once in your life.

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal, 2 Oct 2014

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal, 2 Oct 2014
In the past 5 years I tryed to do the UTAT, at least 2 times, but for some reason (injury, family, etc) I was never able to do it.
2014 was finally the year.
I've been into the Atlas mountain 2 times before, one time do to some trekking and the 2nd time to do some rock climbing. These mountains are simply beautiful. What I love the most is the coulour of the sand/dirt: it's red... and the smell is also amazing.
And the people that live there, the Berberes, are such a nice, welcome and friendly people.
Talking a bit about the race:
I knew that this trail would be very very hard by several reasons:
- the altitude, we had to go up to 3600m

Trail des Hauts Forts, Morzine, 16 Aug 2014

Dans le sport, il y a ceux qui réussissent parce qu'ils sont tombés dedans quand ils étaient petits, et ceux qui réussissent fruit de dur entraînement, de privations, de rigueur et de discipline.
C'est le cas de mon fantastique mari Nuno Caetano qui aujourd'hui, nous a fait le cadeau d'une 2e place méritée au trail des Hauts Forts après un retour de blessure suite au MIUT en Avril.
Super fière de toi Nuno, un grand athlète et surtout, une personne magnifique. Tu nous a fait presque oublier a quel point ça nous a fait chier de sortir les bonnets et les doudounes le 15 Août a 5 degrés sous la pluie.

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