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Cretes du Saleve (18km 940m D+), 12 May 2013

Today I run my 2nd trail of this 2013 summer season, The Cretes du Saleve (18km 940m D+) near Geneva in Switzerland. 15 days after my last race, the Ultra Trail du Mole, I was really anxious to see if I had improved or not.
The race started well and I manage to keep myself in the front of the race with another 5 runners. We stayed all together till the end of the 1st climb. When we got to the flat part of the race, Jeremy Gachet took off and we never saw him again. We stayed in a group of 5, but after a while, another 2 runners left the group and it was impossible to follow them.

Ultra Tour du Mole, 28 April 2013

This time I've decided to write in french.... maybe because my brain is getting more and more 'frenchie' as the time goes by...

Vu mes objectifs pour cette saison d'été 2013, j'ai décidé de commencer à préparer ma saison de trail un peu plus tôt qu'en 2012. Et dans le cadre de cette préparation, j'ai choisit de faire l'Ultra Trail du Mole comme première course de trail running de l'été.

L'Ultra Trail du Mole est un trail dure, avec un de plus gros dénivelés (3000m D+) par apport au numéro de kilométrés (35km).

Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route Speed Record attempt, 15 April 2013

Since 2010, when I helped Yann Gachet and Laurent Fabre to beat the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route record, I promised myself that one day, I would try to do it.

The Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route is an amazing challenge with +-115km and 8300m D+. But what really attracts me is the fact that this is a high mountain route, with several passages above 3000m  and with some of the most amazing panoramas and views of the Alps. You start in Chamonix Mont Blanc, and you finish in Zermatt with the Matterhorn as a background.

Season 2012: the balance and the figures of this amazing year!!!

Finally I had some time to write a few lines about my 2012 season, not because I've been lazy, but simply because I had some few changes in my family life recently.

2012 was from far away the best year of my life, in several ways, family, sports and work.

TDS 2012... an amazing race and a magnific 17th place!!!

TDS 2012... an amazing race!!!
Last August i run one of the most amazing races in my all life. It was the perfect combination of a lot of variants that allow me to say this.... i'll explain:

The TDS is one of the races of the UTMB, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It takes place around the Mont Blanc range, starts in Courmayeur and finishes in Chamonix. 114km and 7000m D+.

This year the conditions were a bit harder than usual. The weather was very bad, it rained almost all the time, it was very cold and the terrain was very slippery and muddy.  The proof of this is that there was more than 50% of people that haven't finished the race.

Chamonix - Plan de l'Aiguille 56m02s... 4 years chasing this personal record!!!

I have to share this with all you, because today is a happy day for me. I've been pursuing this record for more than 4 years.

The way up from Chamonix to the Plan de l'Aiguille is just across my office in Chamonix. I normally say that this is my lunch time run.
For more than 4 years that I've been trying to climb the 1235m in less than 1h...

Today i did it.... finally!!!!! And I did it in 56 minutes (1h3m32s less 7m30s of warm up).....

Sierre Zinal 2012 (31km 2200m D+)

nuno caetano carlos sa sierre zinal 2012Yesterday I ran one of the most amazing and mythical races of the history of the trail/mountain running, the Sierre Zinal in Switzerland.
For a long time i've heard a lot about this race, how mythical it is and that you could race against the best athletes/mountain runners of the world.
Yesterday i could finally see that with my own eyes.
It's true that the race is really amazing. The last 10km, you run above 2200m and facing 5 mountain above 4000m. Simply unforgetable.
It's true that the some of the best mountain runners in the world were there (Marco de Gasperi, Miguel Caballero, Carlos Sá, César Costa, Mireia Miro, etc etc etc).

Probably the last day of ski touring of the winter... la Grande Lui, 3509m, Massif du Mont Blanc

Probably the last day of ski touring of the winter... la Grande Lui, 3509m, Massif du Mont Blanc
Certainement la dernière journée de ski de randonnée de la saison....
Certamente o ultimo dia de esqui da época de Inverno....
La Grande Lui, 3509m, Massif du Mont Blanc

Madeira Trail Running, Pico do Areeiro - Pico Ruivo, May 9th 2012

Madeira Island is really so, so beautiful!!!
This is a sentence, that every time that I come back home, it just keeps going and going in my mind.
The mix between the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea is so perfect, that I have to stop every 5 minutes to save that moment in my memory and in my camera.
Today, with my friend Gonçalo Silva, we did one of the most famous walks of Madeira. The liaison between Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo (the highest summit of Madeira, 1862m).
The trail is simply amazing, the views are astonishing and the weather was perfect!!!

Breithorn 4164m, normal route on ski touring... probably the easiest 4000m peak in the Alps

Breithorn 4164m, normal route on ski touring... probably the easiest 4000m peak in the Alps
The Breithorn, at 4164m, is considered one of the easiest 4000m peaks in the Alps. The mounatin is located very close to the Matterhorn/Cervin and you can climb/ski it from either Zermatt or Cervinia/Breuil.
Today, with Es and Ben, we had another early start. We left Chamonix at 5am and after a 2h drive we hit Cervinia and started the 2200m uphill towards the summit of the Breithorn.

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