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5th place at the Grand Raid des Pyrenees, 28 Aug 2010

Saturday morning, 28th August 2010. It was very cold that morning. The sky was dark, very dark, we could see the clouds all over the sky, but the motivation was there, at the top. 750 participants in this beautiful trail, probably one of the most beautiful trails that I ever did.

1st Trail of the Season... the Courchevel X Trail

That's it, the Trail season has started.... FINALLY !!!!!!

And it started really well, a very beatiful and very technical trai in the Tarentaise Massif (France).

The Courchevel X Trail, 53km and 4400m D+, took place last sunday, the 8th of August 2010. A very nice day, good weather, not very warm. The perfect conditions for the practice of this sport.

The Trail was won by Dawa Sherpa (Nepal) and I did quite well, much better than I was expecting for my first race of the season. I finished in the 16th position in 8.02h

Not bad :-)

Road Biking Season has started in the Alps

Since the June 25th, the weather had been amazing in the Alps. The summer finally arrived and me and my friends have been enjoying the most out of it.

We have been biking a lot. I was planning to do some trail running to train for my competitions, but the Spring was quite bad in terms of injuries, so I prefer to bike. Less traumatising for the muscles and for the joints.

Chamonix - Summit of Mont Blanc... 6h

To finish this amazing Winter season, me and some friends from the Club Ski Mountaineering of Chamonix (Rudy, Yann & Carron) decided to climb Mont Blanc but we left from Chamonix. No cable cars, no help... nothing. Just us, our strengh and skis!!!

6 hours to reach the top of the hightest mountain of the Chamonix Valley...

Patrouille des Glaciers 2010

The Patrouille des Glaciers 2010, one of the biggest ski mountaineering races ever. One single push from Zermatt to Verbier. 53km and 4100m D+.

Fotos and Videos soon!!!

Aiguille d'Argentière 3901m, Chamonix Mont Blanc, Glacier du Milieu

This Friday, the weather in Chamonix was perfect. Sunny, warm and no wind. 
We decided to climb the Aiguille d'Argentière, 3901m, by the Glacier du Milieu. The idea was to ski down the Y Couloir, but we had to change our plans because the snow was vey hard.
We came down the same way we went up.... the first snow slope was amazing... 45º !!!!!!

Pierra Menta 2010

This last weekend, in Areches-Beaufort (France), between the 11 and the 14 March 2010, it took place the most beautiful, the most amazing, the greatest Ski Alpinism/mountaineering Competition in the World... the Pierra Menta.

4 days, 4 stages, 10.359m of D+, 190 teams of 2 persons. The weather was simply perfect!!!

Pierra Menta 2009

Pierra Menta 2009, Ski Alpinism Competition, 4 days, 10.000m vertical

This Ski Alpinism competition takes place in Beaufort (French Alps). You compete in teams of 2. My partner was Guillaume Garnier. For a first participation it was really a good result... we finished it!!!

See here the Pierra Menta website

Video from the Pierra Menta 2009

Paragliding from the Summit of Mont Blanc

In 2007 me and Guillaume Faussurier, we flew from the summit of Mont Blanc, 4810m.

Watch the video and enjoy the amazing views!!!

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2009

 In last August 2009 I runned for the first time a 100km Trail. It was a big moment because it was the first time where I exposed and tested my body to such abig effort.

For this first experience I chose the Sur les Traces de Duques de Savoir. A 106km and +6500m trail. It was one of the races of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc that takes place in Chamonix Mont Blanc

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