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Pierra Menta 2010

This last weekend, in Areches-Beaufort (France), between the 11 and the 14 March 2010, it took place the most beautiful, the most amazing, the greatest Ski Alpinism/mountaineering Competition in the World... the Pierra Menta.

4 days, 4 stages, 10.359m of D+, 190 teams of 2 persons. The weather was simply perfect!!!

Pierra Menta 2009

Pierra Menta 2009, Ski Alpinism Competition, 4 days, 10.000m vertical

This Ski Alpinism competition takes place in Beaufort (French Alps). You compete in teams of 2. My partner was Guillaume Garnier. For a first participation it was really a good result... we finished it!!!

See here the Pierra Menta website

Video from the Pierra Menta 2009

Paragliding from the Summit of Mont Blanc

In 2007 me and Guillaume Faussurier, we flew from the summit of Mont Blanc, 4810m.

Watch the video and enjoy the amazing views!!!

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2009

 In last August 2009 I runned for the first time a 100km Trail. It was a big moment because it was the first time where I exposed and tested my body to such abig effort.

For this first experience I chose the Sur les Traces de Duques de Savoir. A 106km and +6500m trail. It was one of the races of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc that takes place in Chamonix Mont Blanc

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