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Red Bull K3 in Susa (Italy), 2 Aug 2014

By admin - Posted on 07 August 2014

If you ask me if I prefer to run on the flat or run uphill, my answer will be for sure "uphill" :-)
I sometimes find that run in flat can be a bit boring.
So when I heard about this race in the italian town of Susa, the K3 Red Bull, I said to myself... I have to do it!
10km, 3030m D+ always uphill. What a race! :-)
The race starts in Susa at 503m above sea level and it finishes at 3,538m on the summit of Rocciamelone.
The 1st 1000m D+ are in the middle of the forest. The path is ok, a bit slippery, but it's wide enough to overtake the other runners.
At 1100m D+ you have the 1st assistance point (with water a food) and the 1st time barrier. At this point the last 20% of the athletes are eliminated.
After this point, there is +- 1km of flat. It was not my favourite part, but it's good to work other muscles of your legs.
The 2nd 1000m D+ are a bit more difficult, specially because you are in the middle of a big slope of grass with no track on it. Sometimes the slope is so steep that you must use your hands to climb. It's also during this part that the tack is a bit dangerous, there are quite a few lose rocks and you must pay attention where you put your feet, otherwise you can make some rocks roll down and hit the otehr runners.
At 2200m D+ you regain again a normal path and you can start seing the 2nd assistance point (2300m D+). At this stage, only the first 20% of the runners are allowed to continue. 
From here to the top it's quite fast, the path in steep again, but at least is a good path. Some passages are a bit of scramble, but nothing serious.
In the last 50m D+ there are some fixed ropes, but honestly, you don't need to grab them at all.
You can use your poles till the 2nd assistance point. Then it's forbidden.
It's an amazing race and i will do it again for sure!
Watch here the video of the race Red Bull K3 in Susa.

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