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Season 2012: the balance and the figures of this amazing year!!!

By admin - Posted on 11 February 2013

Finally I had some time to write a few lines about my 2012 season, not because I've been lazy, but simply because I had some few changes in my family life recently.

2012 was from far away the best year of my life, in several ways, family, sports and work.

In terms of family, i just become a dad for the first time. An amazing baby boy called Tiago joined the Caetano family. I won't lie, it's not easy to be a dad, it demands for a lot of organisation and a lot of understanding between the mom and dad. Then you add the fact that you're tired from a few nights without sleeping, then the stress from work, and you have a "Cocktail Molotof" that can explode any time. That's why a good understanding, mutual help and organisation are the keys for the success.

But one things is sure: when I arrive home and Tiago does one of those smiles that only he can do, all the problems and all the stress becomes secondary. I just want to hold him, hug him and give him millions of kisses :-)

In terms of sport and thanks to the help and time of my coach Fabien Meyer (, 2012 become the best season ever, both winter and summer.
It was the season where I did more altitude gain, i did less number of big long runs, i spent more time in the gym, I beat all my old records  and I obtained my best results ever.
Thanks once again Fabien, let's work together again in 2013.

Special Thanks
A very special thanks to Mimi and for her support during the entire year, but specially for giving me the most fabulous baby in the world. Thanks once again to Fabien ,for his advise and support. And a big thanks to all my friends that help me during this season, that joined me for training, that cheered me up and that followed me during the races.
Thanks to all !!!

Some figures
- Total hours of training: 514h16m28s
- Total altitude gain: 270 000 meters (ski mountaineering: 153 644m ; cycling: 29 475m; trail running: 86 369m)

2012 was an 'ok' year in terms of injuries. The winter passed with no injuries at all, but in the summer, I can't tell the same. My left ankle is always very fragile and I twisted it again this summer, just a few days before the Sierre-Zinal. But the big injurie of the year was in the Petit Trail des Aiguilles Rouges, where I broke my big toe on the last descent. I managed to finish the race but then I had to stop for 45 days.

Results 2012
- European Ski Mountaineering Championships, Individual Race, 46th place, 1h33m09s
- European Ski Mountaineering Championships, Vertical Race, 1000m D+, 37th place, 48m09s
- La Verte à l'Envers, 900m D+, 17th place, 39m42s
- Col et Cimes Hauts, 1800m D+, 7th place, 2h09h32s
- Verbier Saint Bernard, 110km 6500m D+, 32nd place, 19h54m57s
- Sierre Zinal, 31km 2200m D+, 66th place, 3h14m52s
- TDS (UTMB), 114km 7000 D+, 17th place, 17h25m01s
- Petit Trail des Aiguilles Rouges, 15km 1800m D+, 7th place, 1h39m43s
- Sao Silvestre of Madeira, 6km 50m D+, 51st place, 20m43s

Objectives 2013
Ski Mountaineering
- Araviski, March, France
- Pierra Menta, March, France
- Chamonix-Zermatt in 2 days, March/April, France/Switzerland

Trail Running
- 80km du Mont Blanc
- ????
- ????


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