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TDS 2012... an amazing race and a magnific 17th place!!!

By admin - Posted on 04 September 2012

TDS 2012... an amazing race!!!
Last August i run one of the most amazing races in my all life. It was the perfect combination of a lot of variants that allow me to say this.... i'll explain:

The TDS is one of the races of the UTMB, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It takes place around the Mont Blanc range, starts in Courmayeur and finishes in Chamonix. 114km and 7000m D+.

This year the conditions were a bit harder than usual. The weather was very bad, it rained almost all the time, it was very cold and the terrain was very slippery and muddy.  The proof of this is that there was more than 50% of people that haven't finished the race.

I prepared this race really well. It was my BIG objective of the all summer. The preparation started last December. I had an amazing winter season, where i managed to do a lot of ski mountaineering.
When this happens, you get to the summer well prepared and then you just have to concentrate a bit more on some specific details of trail running, like the downhill or the gym.

It took me 17h25 to finish the race. I finished 17th place, but I could have done better if i had managed a bit better the 1st hours of the night. The temperatures were severe and i got into a bit of hypotermia and this penalised me.
A big lesson for next race.

At the end I was and I still am very happy with my performance. It was my best performance ever. I had never runned such a long distance with so much altitude gain in such a time.

A special BIG THANKS to my coach Fabien Meyer ( If I progressed so much this year, it's definetly because of his advices and his time availability.

The season is not yet finished... the Petit Trail des Aiguille Rouges is the last race of the summer season and let see how it goes...

Some photos and video of the TDS below!!!!


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