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Trail Running

Trail running is one of the variant on running. It differs markedly from road running and track running. Trail running generally takes place on hiking trails and mountain trails, most commonly single track trails, although fire roads are not uncommon. The trails tend to traverse varying terrain; hills, mountains, deserts, forests, and narrow passages are common. Sometimes the trail is so steep that it requires hiking or scrambling. Runners participating in trail runs must often descend these same steep grades. It is not unusual for trail runs to ascend and descend thousands of meters.
There are as many variations of trail running as there are runners. Many individuals prefer running trails for daily training and exercise, while other trail runners spend weeks out in the backcountry.
There are diferent types of competitions of Trail Running. The ones that you do in one single time and it can goes up to 200km or more. And you can have also another ones that are done in stages.
Trail running is growing in popularity and is enjoyed throughout the world.  
The list of Trails that i already run:
- Marathon & Cross du Mont Blanc, France
- Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (TDS), France
- Saintelyon, France
Annual List of Trail Running Races per month:
12 Abr
Madeira Island Ultra Trail
26 Abr
La Chatvoyarde
2 May Trail Nivolet Revard
10 May
Trail du Saléve
17 May
Ultra Tour du Mole
23 May
Grand Raid 73
6 June
Trail du Gypaete
28 June
Marathon du Mont Blanc
5 July X Trail Cervinia
12 July Grand Trail Courmayeur
18 July
Ultra Trail Beaufortain
19 July
Mad Trail
26 July Tour des Fiz
5 Sep Ultra Trail du Vercors



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