You are hereTribute to Jean Louis Manesse... a great friend, a great climber... but especially a Great Man

Tribute to Jean Louis Manesse... a great friend, a great climber... but especially a Great Man

30/31 Jan 2009, the North Face of the Droites took another live.
It's very hard to describe how an amazing and woderful person Jean Louis was.
We first met in 2004, a few months before our expedition to Pakistan. Jean Louis showed up in Chamonix with his wife Sophie to introduce himself and to discuss a bit about out next expedition to Gasherbrum II. As soon as I saw him, I was impressed with his happiness and his big smile. He transmitted a very good vibe/ambiance around him.
In Pakistan our friendship become really strong. We spent a lot of time together, always discussing about the expedition and some other plans for the future, and all this time allowed us to build one of my best friendships ever.
Jean Louis Manesse was such a good and strong climber as we was a man and husband. Always thinking about his wife Sophie and at every moment that he could he would always call her to let her know that all was ok and that there was no need to worry.
As a climber... I can be here all day writting and it wouldn't be enough.... I prefer to say that he was simply the greatest. Why? Because I never met anybody like him. He was the perfect climbing partner, a person that would understand the needs of the climbing party. Every moment spent with Jean Louis Manesse was always an amazing exchange and i won't forget that.
I always loved his approach of the sport and the mountains. Do as much as you can but always with respect and being counscious of the danger.
My dear friend Jean Louis Manesse, wherever you are (I hope in the Grand Paradis) I want you to know that you left a mark on my life and on my personality. I learned a lot from you and you helped me be a better person. You'll be always a reference for me....
And some messages left by his closest friends and his climbing partners

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