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Ski Alpinism

Ski-alpinism, also known as Ski-Mountaineering, is a combination of cross-country skiing, mountaineering and alpine skiing.

The goal of the ski mountaineer may be to climb a beautiful mountain by a worthy route and then ski the mountain down an elegant line, preferably from the summit.

But ski mountaineering is really distinguished from ski touring by a willingness and desire to travel over any part of the mountain, not just those areas with sheltered powder snow fields or other nice descending conditions. This may include significant rock, ice or broken glacier sections, as well as traverses and enchainements rather than just single peak ascents.

Ski mountaineers climb otherwise inaccessible or dangerous slopes on foot using a range of mountaineering equipment (crampons, ice axes & ropes) while skis are carried strapped to their backpack. This either permits access to extreme slopes, or more often allows transit through otherwise impassable terrain in order to continue beyond on skis, where normal ski touring equipment such as skins and ski crampons (also called couteau or cortelli) are used.


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