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Another Mont Blanc summit 🤩

This last Thursday, the conditions to climb and ski Mont Blanc were just amazing!

Pyrenees Traverse Cycling, from Biarritz to Saint Cyprien (800km & 20.000m D+)

After 20 years, I've joined a friend from University of Minho, and we cycled together the Pyrenees Traverse from the

From Le Fayet to Orpierre, 260km & 3.300m D+

Another great bike ride through the Alps.... From Le Fayet to Orpierre, 260km & 3.300m D+


Col du Passon (Bassin d'Argentière)
Ski de Rando hier au Col du Passon (Bassin d'Argentière). Ski Touring trip yesterday at Col du Passon, in the Argentière Glacier
Ski Touring... Col d'Argentière
Today was an amazing ski touring day well spent in the Argentière Glacier... between the Top des Grands Montets and le Col d'Argentière
Me & My Bike: 7 days in Madeira = 20.000m D+ 🤣
This last November, i headed home to visit my family, but of course, when you visit Madeira and you check the weather, you realise that you must enjoy it.
La Marmotte: Col du Galibier, Alpe d'Huez, Col du Glandon/Croix de Fer
Parcours de La Marmotte - cycling race in the Alps 198km 5650m D+
Mont Blanc 4810m.... from Les Houches
Climbing Mont Blanc from Les Houches means that you'll be going up 3800m D+ with Guillaume Garnier
Tour du Mont Blanc - Cycling 2023
Tour du Mont Blanc - Cycling 2023. 2 days on the road with Paul Kettle. 330km and 8000m D+
2 days in the Nevache / Mont Thabor region
2 days of amazing and wild ski touring in the Nevache / Mont Thabor region with my friend Ben Bardsley
Le Mont Joly Summit 2525m
Once again, on the summit of Mont Joly 2525m, this time with my friend and paraglider Tom Jeanniot. Enjoying another great sunny and hot weather day!
Strava Chamonix Uphills Records & KOMs
List of Strava Segments in Chamonix Uphills Records & KOMs (Running, Cycling and Ski Mountaineering)