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Red Bull K3 in Susa (Italy)

By masterblaster on Mon, 08/04/2014 - 18:52 in Running

If you ask me if I prefer to run on the flat or run uphill, my answer will be for sure "uphill" :-)
I sometimes find that run in flat can be a bit boring.
So when I heard about this race in the italian town of Susa, the K3 Red Bull, I said to myself... I have to do it!
10km, 3030m D+ always uphill. What a race! :-)
The race starts in Susa at 503m above sea level and it finishes at 3,538m on the summit of Rocciamelone.
The 1st 1000m D+ are in the middle of the forest. The path is ok, a bit slippery, but it's wide enough to overtake the other runners.

red-bull-k3-susa1 red-bull-k3-susa1 red-bull-k3-susa1