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Strava Chamonix Uphills Records & KOMs
List of Strava Segments in Chamonix Uphills Records & KOMs (Running, Cycling and Ski Mountaineering)
Teide 3718m (Tenerife, Canary Islands) from Sea to Summit
Teide 3718m (Tenerife, Canary Islands) from Sea to Summit. Another nice and cool activity that I want to share with you, the Teide (3718m) climb direct from the sea level.
Trail des Hauts Forts 2014, Morzine
Mon fantastique mari Nuno Caetano qui aujourd'hui, nous a fait le cadeau d'une 2e place méritée au trail des Hauts Forts après un retour de blessure suite au MIUT en Avril.
Red Bull K3 in Susa (Italy)
When I heard about this race in the italian town of Susa, the K3 Red Bull, I said to myself... I have to do it! 10km, 3030m D+ always uphill. What a race! :-)
Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2014
A quick feed back about my participation, last Saturday (April 12th 2014), on the Madeira Island Ultra Trail - MIUT (115km & 6800m D+).
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