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From Le Fayet (Fr) to Courmayeur (It)... on skis!!!

By masterblaster on Fri, 03/05/2021 - 10:04 in Ski Mountaineering

1st, I'd like to thanks Hans Herluf Henrik Hansen for coming along in this big adventure and for being such a nice company 🙂  but also Mimette LaLimette for being "la femme la plus merveilleuse au monde" 😍 Merci!!!
This was one of the projects that had in mind for this Winter 2021, liaising my house in Le Fayet to Courmayeur in Italy.
And now, that we know that the restaurants are open in Italy, there's no excuse to not go there and have a nice PIZZA 🍕!
Another great day in the Alps enjoying the mountains!!! 😍