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Tour de l'Ardeche 450km & 8500m D+

Tour de l'Ardeche 450km & 8500m D+

It's almost certain the most extreme challenge of the Ardéchoise (cycling race in the Ardéche french region), 450km and 8500m D+.
It is obvious that you must be very well prepared to experience the maximum of the views and the panorama, such as the passage in the "4 Rochers" (from Largentière to Chap del Bosc), or cycling into Borne, one of the most lonely places/villages I've ever been in France.


Day 1 - Saint Félicien => Col de la Croix Blanche (160km & 3200m D+)

Accommodation: Auberge de Peyre


Day 2 - Col de la Croix Blanche => Les Estables (142km & 3000m D+)

Accommodation: Gite/Studio Chez Cathy et Bernard


Day 3 - Les Estables => Saint Félicien (135km & 2300m D+)



All the information you need to know, GPS track, etc etc, just visit this website