Trail des Aiguilles Rouges 2011... the summer has ended

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges 2011... the summer has ended!!!

This last weekend I raced the last competition of the 2011 summer. The amazing and always beautiful (and very hard too) Trail des Aiguilles Rouges. 50km and 4000m+ in the Chamonix Valley, facing the Mont Blanc.

UTMB 2011: Final balance... let's see what's next!!!!

The UTMB 2011 is finished and it's time to look back and analyse the race. I have no regret of my decision to abandon in La Fouly (110km). My quadriceps were "on fire" from the Grand Col Ferret descent and I was suffering so much that it would takes ages for me to finish the race.

Viva Le Tour de France: Col de la Madelaine

"C'est La Fête du Tour".... it's true, all over France this is the period where everybody feels the impulse to ride their road bike. The Tour the France is taking place now and they are approaching the Pyrenees and then the Alps.

Reco of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.... with Jon Morgan!!!

Hi again,
The preparation for the UTMB 2011 keeps going.
This weekend, together with my friend Jon Morgan, that is also running the UTMB 2011, we decided to go for a 'reco' of the UTMB trails.
2 days of amazing trails, astonishing views and a lot of sweat!!!!

Chamonix Summer 2011: lots of fun and the UTMB is coming.....

The summer finally arrived in Chamonix and in the Alps.... after this last Sunday, temperatures are very warm and the weather has been great.
Lots of trainning sessions and a few competitions are on the way.... all these with one single objective, prepare the UTMB 2011.
Competitions Summer Season 2011:
- 17 Jul: Tour Mont Blanc, Road bike
- 30 Jul: 6000D, Trail
- 14 Aug: Sierre Zinal, Trail
- 26 Aug: UTMB, Trail

Y Couloir, Aiguille d'Argentiere, Chamonix Mont Blanc area

The ski mountaineering competition season is finished, now it's time to enjoy the mountains... today (in a not great weather day) we decided to climb again the Aiguille d'Argentière. But this time we headed for the Y couloir. It's a 400m couloir on the E face of the Aiguille de Argentiere. The conditions were great, the snow was hard and we progressed really fast.

Pierra Menta 2011 - News, Photos, Videos... all here!!!

Pierra Menta 2011. The biggest ski mountaineering/alpinism competition is approaching. From the 17 to 20 March 2011, in Areches Beaufort (France) it will take place the most amazing and most fun ski alpinism race in the world.

Les Courtes (3856m), NNE Couloir, 9 Mar 2011

Incredible, it's the only word that i can say when i look at the weather in the Alps this year.
I can't remember that last time that snow fell in Chamonix, the weather has been simply perfect. Amazing blue sky sunny days!!!
Of course that we must take advantage of these conditions, stay concentrated at work is very hard at the moment :-)

Rest day Ski Touring at the Pointe Bernarde in Val Ferret (Italy)

Nice good weather day in tha Alps. Perfect for a ski touring day with friends.
We were planning to ski the Rutor in Itlay but at the end we decided to avoid driving so long and we went to the next valley across the border in Italy.

Final day of the World Championship Ski Mountaineering Claut 2011 + Video

Hi again,

The World Championships are finished and I'm now back at home in Chamonix Mont Blanc.

The balance of the competition was positive because it's always great to compete amoung the best athletes in the world. The experience acquired was also huge and I learned a lot just by the fact of being there.

Here's the final results of the 5 race's:

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